Blurb! Award Winning Synopsis

The Question is, what would you get if you crossed Tory Hayden and Oliver
Sachs with Erin Brockovitz and a head slammin' brain injury…and then added a
sprinkle of Lucille Ball?

The Answer? A Matter of Panache, the memoir that reads like a novel, grips like
a thriller and has the explosiveness of a prime time special.

A Matter of Panache is my memoir of more than twenty years as a psychologist
working in public schools located in the most remote corners of Alaska, in the
Navajo and Mormon dominated schools of southeastern Utah and on an army post
in Colorado during the height of the Iraq crisis.  It is the story of my passionate
advocacy for the right things to happen for children with disabilities, and the
dramatic events that unfold after a work-related head injury leaves me with skills
intact, but personality altered.

Like a tapestry of words woven with threads of dialogue and recreated scenes,
A Matter of Panache is a riveting story that is at once haunting and heartening,
appalling and appealing.  The darker colors of the weaving reveal the failings of an
often myopic and destructive educational system that sometimes deeply wounds
the children it is designed to protect; and readers gain rare insight into the
sometimes shocking and shameful practices of the people in charge.

Panache is not a story told using only the dark strands of the events during this
period of my life. Reading
Panache is like looking at a vibrant, quirky tapestry
punctuated by the colorful threads that weave together a story of the funny,
bizarre, and heartwarming adventures and relationships that peppered my life as a
school psychologist for more than two decades.

In the end, the threads weaving this tapestry are provocative and mesmerizing.
Every reader who has had to find inner strength during a time of grief and stress
will find comfort in this story of survival and true grit. Every parent of a child with a
disability, every educator in public schools, and every person who has loved
someone diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, stroke, or any mild or severe head injury will
gain insight and understanding into the frustrating ways a damaged brain struggles
to operate in a world of sudden confusion.

A Matter of Panache is a story that begs to be told and needs to be heard.
Inspiring readers to laugh, cry, groan, rage and love, when the last page is turned,
A Matter of Panache is not a story soon forgotten.

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