Debra Sanders Bio

Debra Sanders spent more than twenty years as an educational psychologist in the
most remote corners of Alaska, in the Navajo and Mormon dominated schools of
southeastern Utah and in a middle school on an army post in Colorado during the
height of the Iraq conflict. Known and respected for her innovative and creative
approaches in the classroom and for her passionate advocacy for the
right things
to happen for kids in our schools, Debra spent two decades empowering students,
educators and parents with the knowledge and skills that helped to ensure student
without watering down the curriculum or lowering expectations for kids
with disabilities.

Debra is a past recipient of the Alaska School Psychologist of the Year Award; she
is a past president of Alaska Association of School Psychologists and she was the
recipient of the University of Alaska, Adjunct faculty of the year award.  

In the spring of 2003, just 8 months after leaving Alaska to continue her work in the
canyon lands of Utah, Debra was involved in a work-related auto accident during
which she sustained a traumatic brain injury that she says, “
changed her life.”
Three years after the accident, having morphed from a highly successful,
independent woman with a job she describes as having “totally defined who she
was,” Debra found herself unemployed and quite possibly, unemployable.  What
came from her devastation during that time is the now award winning bestselling
A Matter of Panache.