Traumatic Brain Injury Resources
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National Database of Educational Resources on Traumatic Brain Injury

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

Brain Injury Association of America   
Phone number:   1-800-444-6443

List of all state associations and contact numbers   

The Brain Injury Recovery Network
Phone number:   1-877-810-2100

National Resource Center for Traumatic Brain Injury    

The Bob Woodruff Family Fund
This fund works with private industry and government to develop public awareness and excellence in research,
education, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, support and resources for the injured and their families as they reintegrate
to duty or civilian life. The Bob Woodruff Family Fund assists service members injured while serving in the United States
Armed Forces. Special emphasis is placed on the "hidden signature injuries" of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan –
traumatic brain injury (TBI) and combat stress injuries including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Lash & Associates Publishing/Training
This website specializes in information and books for the rehabilitation and treatment of brain injury, blast injury, PTSD,
and concussion. There are also books and manuals on adults and children with special needs and disabilities. Their tip
cards, manuals, books and training programs on traumatic brain injury can be used in hospitals, rehabilitation programs,
veterans services, schools, community agencies and at home. Their products emphasize: rehabilitation for brain injury
recovery; treatment for veterans and troops with blast injury; PTSD and concussion resources for families and
caregivers after brain injury and concussion; education of students with brain injury and concussion in school; training
programs on behavior, attention, memory, cognition and communication; special products for children, adolescents and
adults after brain injury. This is an excellent resource for teachers in need of teaching strategies for children in their
classrooms who are experiencing head injuries.

Sharon Grandinette