About Debra  
Long term effects resulting from the accident keep me from working a
traditional job within the educational setting, though they do not keep me
from missing the energy and excitement that stimulated me every day for
nearly twenty-five years. Now that the book is finished, I am channeling my
passions and energies into encouraging, guiding and supporting others in
their journey by being a memoir writing coach, speaking to groups about
the power of intent and the ability to grow from every lesson life places in
our path.  And, as always, I continue to write my way toward clarity and
toward living life to its fullest.  

And of course, I am still speaking out on behalf of the children.
Currently I live in New Mexico with my four legged “children”, Teek and
Meka. They rank among my biggest fans and keep me both laughing
and on top of effective behavior management strategies! I try to make
sure they always know that I am equally their biggest fan…even when
they do things like rub up against the wall I just finished painting.
After a work-related auto accident left me with a "mild" brain injury that
pretty much turned my life inside out, I struggled in both my personal
and professional worlds.  It was difficult to reconcile that as a once
successful and thriving educational psychologist, I was suddenly
someone embroiled in chaos and conflict at every turn. I did not
understand for quite some time that the majority of changes in me were
not so much cognitive as they were behavioral.