Special Education Resources

This is, in my opinion, quite simply the very best site on the web for
parents and teachers seeking  information related to special education
needs. This is such a user-friendly and easy to navigate site that if you
have questions on any topic in the area of special education and are
seeking here, or you will at least find an excellent link to the
information. A very reliable and up-to-date site.

Internet 4 Classrooms  
Much like WrightsLaw.com, this website is an absolute goldmine of
information for parents and teachers in the theory, practice and
practical “how-tos” of utilizing differentiated instruction in the
classroom. This site is a collaborative effort by Susan Brooks and Bill
Byles, and it is truly a work of art. Here one can find PowerPoint
presentations, learning modules, practice modules, products, and just
about anything and everything a teacher or parent needs in order to
become educated in the types of instructional practices that maximize
every child’s opportunity for success in the classroom.

Bandaides and BlackboardsSpecial Needs Workshop

Kids and Teenagers Ability Online Support Network
Connecting kids with special needs for friendship and support

Bandaides and Blackboards

Just Because We Have a DisAbility Doesn't Mean We Byte

Website for children with disabilities and special needs on

Sharon Grandinette

Protect Your Children from Drug and Alcohol Abuse